So…attempting to carry on and re-upload tracks from the Singingasonginthemorning music blog, here is ‘Yesterduh by Brian Joseph Davis’.

Brian Joseph Davies is a Brooklyn based artist who produced this lovely version of perhaps The Beatles best known song, yesterday:

‘During April of this year, I ran a recording studio at the Mercer Union art gallery. Passersby were stopped and asked to sing, from memory and with no practice, the Beatles’ Yesterday. They were given headphones with an instrumental track to help them out. If they couldn’t remember the words, they were told “just make it up.” Everyone was paid a $5.00 performance fee. I then took all the versions recorded and created several different mixes including:’.

If this has wet your appetite, the individual tracks can be downloaded here:

…also, you are now able to buy a limited addition CD for those who require something a little more…physical.

You can check out more of Brain’s work here at Heroic collection:


Below are a few of my favourite Beatles drawings gathered from the internet.