The Model Robot Roadshow 

Welcome one and indeed all to the new Model Robot website and, hopefully, blog.

I remember back in the day, when I was kid, getting hold of a copy of ‘How To Draw comics The Marvel Way’ by Stan Lee and John Buscema.

The iconic cover still brings that warm glow of memories at the hours spent drawing ‘egg’s’, tubes and square’s, trying to get perspective, proportion and costume details ‘correct’ on these damned Superheroes…think my effort’s are still skewed somewhat .

One page in particular stuck out, it was an image of a guy pushing a boulder up a hillside with the message being something like, ‘it’s not so hard to get started, but keeping the ball rolling is another matter altogether”, which seems quite pertinent when faced with starting up on a new blog…


How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

“Creative thinkers MUST have a range of skills.”

-Ray Fields

Look at ******* that! That's more like it...a bit of colour!

— Bob Godfrey


Singingasonginthemorning was a blog I started in 2009, primarily for sharing some of my more obscure musical tastes with a few far away friends. It was fun for awhile swapping tracks and tales, but sadly a lot of these tracks got wiped from their host and I gave up on it, so I intend to resurrect singingasonginthemorning, in part, on here…they’re may be some repetition, so please bear with me…

I’m not much of a critic, so it’ll mainly be stuff I like or find interesting, hopefully stretching out from music to other media such as film, animation, books also…

Life is art's rival and vice versa.

— Wyndham Lewis


Everyone can draw.

Differing cultures throughout time may well process and evaluate this innate ability in different ways, but the base line remains, everyone can draw.

We all share an initial period of drawing….exploration, mark making, colour, scribbling and creating stuff before entering the process of evaluation, categorising and rewarding begins…if you’re ‘lucky’ you may well end up in an institution where you can be ‘taught to unlearn’ this processing.

Which beg’s the question can drawing be taught or simply enabled?